Life of Pie


My life revolves around food. I have the rare privelege of having a hand in the full cycle of food, from picking it off the vine or out of the dirt, until it’s steaming goodness on the supper table. I wake up in the morning to a rooster crowing (er, make that five roosters), put on some manure-cured boots, feed the pigs, and scavenge for freshly laid eggs from the dear hens on my family’s farm. I wash the poop off said eggs (that’s right folks, I went there), then scramble them up for breakfast. And because that wasn’t enough, I spend the rest of my day teaching people about food as a dietitian/nutritionist.

Photo Courtesy: Rachel Durrent

Photo Courtesy: Rachel Durrent

Food is my life, and I’d like to share part of it (the tasty highlights and nuggets of knowledge) with anyone who’s curious…and has a high tolerance for corny food puns (okay, last one. I promise.).


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